Producing in the Studio today and remembering

my happy and memorable visit recently

to a new friend that is taking very good care

of this bird, Queenie "The Dove"

I visit the birds that I saved on occasion

that were once laying on the road helplessly 

after being struck by passing cars.

"Road Birds."


They bring joy to myself and all that come

in contact with them.

There's 6 others - 5 pigeons and another Dove.

This is Queenie "Daddy's Girl" 

I rescued her back in 2006!

Peace, Love, Beautiful Music,

and Dove's in The World!

P.S.  Next Single and Album is In The Works!

How are my Beautiful fans?

I hope that everyone is well.

Me? Concerts, events, busy with life

and I'm grateful and thankful for everyday

that is a gift from God.


I've been through some unfortunate circumstances

through the last years "Haven't we all!"

but, I'm pushing through with certainty

and a very positive attitude.

Whatever your going through,

whatever challenges that life brings you

- "You Can Make It!"

Persevere through the darkness, 

Rest if you must - but don't you Ever quit!

"Surround Yourself with ONLY Positive

and Enlightened people." I  am so blessed

to have such wonderful friends as described above

and fans like you. I'm so thankful for all.

You can achieve anything you put your mind

to and you can conquer any storm!

One lovely and inspiring fan once wrote to me,

"That in A Dark World - Your Voice is A Light!"

Well, if that's true - "God Willing"

"Get ready to be Brightened as this Tenor

is back!" I'm Stronger than Ever and

"Producing and Arranging my next album!"

Wishing all my positive fans peace, love

and all that your heart's desire. 

I Shall Return!!!


Much Love To:

"The Greatest and The Most Beautiful Fans

in the world!"

God Bless!


P.S. Check out the photo of my new little friend.

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