How are my lovely family of fans?

It's that time of year again to be festive, thankful,

joyful, thoughtful, giving and a serious, pertinent note

to myself - *don't eat too much at the holiday parties!!!

I have shed 10 pounds and am feeling so much better -

thanks to a very organic and healthy lifestyle change.

I hope that everyone is well, staying positive and are happy.


So busy with all that entails and will be back soon. 


Sending all my love to my special fans around the world.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Wonderful Fans!

I send my Love to each and every one of you.

I pray also that you're Healthy and Happy

and may all your Holiday Wishes come true.

In this time of Thanksgiving, I'm so grateful 

and thankful for each and every one of you. 

As always, Thank you for being

"The Best Fans On This Earth!"

"The Best Is Yet To Be!"

I Shall Return! 

Much Love,


How are my lovely fans? Miss Me? I missed you! I hope all is well

with everyone and that you're healthy and happy. Me? Just busy

with all that entails, doing the best that I can, staying positive,

forging ahead and am thankful for every day that passes.

I've also been preparing to start recording in the studio again

to lay down some vocal tracks for my upcoming releases.

"Quality Takes Time." I'll keep you updated on how it turns out.  

Thank you for stopping by and I wish you a Beautiful Day. 

Hello to "The Most Beautiful Fans in The World!"

How is everyone? Missed you! I apologize

that I haven't been online in a while as my

new mother had a stroke and I lost a friend

due to complications at a hospital, etc.. 

There is definitely a season for everything

in this life - but, I'm staying positive, 

counting my blessings and pressing on!

I'm always thankful for you and sending you my love.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all the loved ones

of all the people lost in Las Vegas recently.

Beautiful Day Wishes to The Most Beautiful Fans.

I Shall Return!


Hello to my lovely fans,

How is everyone? I missed you! I've been very busy with life

and have acquired a new music director. We've been working

together and tightening up some music arrangements

and they are turning out wonderfully.

I'll keep you posted.

Much Love,


Amazing!!! How this baby possum is

growing so fast. I rescued her over a

month ago and she's eating on her own now 

and is healthy and happy! It's time to bring

her to a new home in a refuge shortly.

This young possum is so tame, loving, playful

and I will miss this precious little creature.

Such a joy to have rescued it.

Happy Thursday to my Beautiful Fans! Please join me

for a tasty, Romantic bite. Tonight's dinner was awesome!!!

I had some leftover sauce and asparagus spears that were

simmered in the same sauce - similar to those below -

but additionally added Chardonnay, more general Spices,

Coconut Oil, Turmeric and sliced Mushrooms.

I then boiled up some Chicken Gyoza Potstickers for 

the main course and what an exotic meal it turned out.

On occasion, if the meal is amazing - I get up

out of my chair and do a little dance

in front of the dish and make mmm noises.

Tonight's dance was a "Slow and Sexy Rumba"

with many, multiple MMM's as this Dish

was Out of This World!!! Yes... Not only can I cook -

- I'm a Excellent, Exhibition Ballroom Dancer!

You Know what they say about

Exhibition Ballroom Dancers?

"We Do The Tango Much Better!!!"  

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